General Questions



1. What services does Melody Sons Music Room offer and what makes it stand out from the competition?


Melody Sons Music Room offers private lessons to students of all ages in packages of four-30 minute or four-45 minute lessons per month. Since every student is unique and individuals rely on different learning styles, the teaching method is adjusted to fit the needs and desires of the student, characterizing a plan based around their individual strengths, weaknesses, and music goals. The focus is founded on teaching the basic fundamentals, developing good technique, and invested equally in helping students discover and reveal their special and unique musicality. With Melody's over 20 years experience in both music and arts, her genuine enthusiasm for music, and adaptive teaching method will help students develop and reach towards their individual musical goals.


2. What do others love most about Melody Sons Music Room?


Melody Sons Music Room is a home-based lesson. Students receive a warm and fun environment to learn music. "Melody is very good with kids" as most parents would say. It is her joy to see them grow in music, build their confidence and be encouraged to perform in front of family and friends.


3. What is the requirement for practicing? How much practice is enough?


For fast progress, students are required to practice daily for a minimum of 15-30 minutes. For children as young as 4, we encourage a once-daily 5-minute practice for a start. Children love to play. Any homework or anything that becomes hard has an immediate battling effect on them. But as soon as they get the hang of playing and practicing on a regular basis, the practice time can be extended to 10-minutes or more. Most students find it helpful to practice at the same time every day. Consistency and quality are very essential when practicing. As the saying goes "practice does not only makes perfect, it makes permanent." 


4. What events and opportunities does Melody Sons Music Room provide for students?


Melody schedules a number of exciting and fun events for students and parents each year. The recital is one of the highlights which gives a great opportunity for students to showcase the musical skills they have developed over a period of time.


5. What is the payment scheme? Can I pay for the lesson per month?


Melody doesn't teach to just earn as she enjoys and love being with students. But teaching music is her career and livelihood. Setting an annual fee allows the teacher to have a regular income all year long, thus, helps the students/parents to budget and know what to expect for the month's expenses. The annual fee can be divided for twelve months and is due every first week of each month.


6. What is the annual fee consist of? Do I have other payment options?


The following is what consists the annual fee: lesson fee; books (if purchased from the teacher), other materials e.g. practice challenge chart file, theory paper; lastly, recital fee. Payment arrangements can be discussed with the teacher.


7. What is the best reaction you've ever gotten from a customer?


Melody received a card from one of her students recently, and this is just one amongst the many. She wrote, "Thank you for helping me grow as an artist. Thank you for allowing me to experience real performance. Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you for being my friend".


8. Do Melody Sons Music Room conduct weekend lessons?


Saturday schedule is not available at the moment.
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